DB-9 Metal Hoods

 DB-9 Metal Hoods

DB9 Metal Hood: DB-9 or HD15 with hardware, Metal hood for DB-9 or high density 15-pin connectors Includes Grommet.



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Mii's DB9 Metal Hood Includes Grommet are great when constructing your own custom length DB9 Serial cables. Use in conjunction with our DB9 Connectors for a quality, durable connection. This hood is also good for SVGA cable for HD15 high density 15-pin connectors. Our Hoods include all the necessary hardware for assembly.Individually packaged and ready for direct retail sales.

Easy to assemble DB-9 or HD15 two piece metal backshells are a great choice for the "do it yourself" consumer. Die cast zinc alloy construction is practically indestructible and offers maximum protection against harmful EMI/RFI. When used with shielded cable, a complete ground can be made between connector shells. Five grommets are provided to best fit cable diameter used.



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