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RMA Number Request Form 

To request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, please complete this form and fax it to (516) 216-4161. Our RMA Department will issue a RMA number based on the information in this form. Notification of the RMA # will then be faxed or e-mail to you as per your preference.


Customer Name*:___________________ Company Name: _____________________
Phone Number*: ___________________ Evening Phone Number:_______________
Fax Number: ______________________ E-mail Address*:_____________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Sales Order No.*: __________________ Order Date:___/___/______


Item Description:

Serial Number*:

Detail Problem Description:


Receive RMA Number: Fax E-mail

Action Requested*: Replacement Refund

For RMA Dept. Use Only
RMA #: ______________ Issued By: ______________ Date: _________ Valid Through_________

RMA Policy:

  • Customer is responsible to determine whether a product is defective. It is very costive to diagnose each merchandise.
  • An RMA number is valid for 10 days.
  • CPUs MUST received by within the warranty period.
  • A 15% will be charged on all non-defective returned product.
  • for CPU and Memory.   Only replacement with the same model.
  • is responsible for replacing a defective item by UPS ground.
  • No advanced replacement.
  • Detail policy is listed at our website at


I have read and agree to the policies stated above




Print Name*:________________

Signature*: _________________________

Date*: ___/___/___

All * is required for RMA request to be processed.