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Flat Ribbon Cable, 10 Wires 100 Feet Roll

Flat Ribbon Cable, 10 Wires 100 Feet Roll

IDC Type Flat Ribbon Cable, 10 wires, 10C Bulk 100 Feet Flat Cable Spool.

Our PriceUS$15.85
Retail Price US$39.00

Standard 1.27mm Spaced Grey Flat Ribbon Cable 10C, 10-wire, Bulk 100-Ft Flat Ribbon Cable.

General Description

Use this flat ribbon cable to build your own custom cables. It is available in a number of varieties, each with a different number of conductors. It is perfect for use with insulation discplacement connectors (IDC). One edge of the cable is color coded, which is conventionally used to indicate pin 1 of a cable.

This wire is sold by 100-foot spool. If you want to order less than 100 feet, you can order from our per foot item. 


  • 10-wire Flat ribbon cable
  • Wire: 28 AWG stranded
  • Style: UL 2651
  • Pitch: .05" (1.27 mm)
  • Max Voltage: 300V


Usually Ship within 1 Business Day

If you need a custome made cable or connectors, please call us at 516-216-4080 or email to Info@Marvic.com

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