Power Supply Tester

Power Supply Tester
This product is a simple tester for switching power supply. It makes testing of the power
supply output easy. 24-PIN Version. Also works with 20-PIN
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* Turn-on your power supply.
* Plug-in your 24 pin power supply connector to mini tester
* Check LED light it ON or OFF (+5V. +12V. +3.3V -5V -12V +5VSB.PG)
- If the power output is working, the LED will light and you will hear a sound
- If the power output fails, you would not see the LED light & no sound
* Plug HDD con, check +12V, +5V
* Remove HDD, Plug p4(p6/p8)con, check +12V
* Remove p4(p6/p8)con, plug FLOPPY con, check +12V, +5V
* Remove Floppy con, plug SATA con, check +12V, +5V, +3.3V
* Do not plug wrong position when you use P4 connector

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